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An African American office employee has his head in his hand in frustration from being mistreated at work

Racial Harassment at Work

Workplace racial harassment can include racial slurs, racial violence, racial remarks, comments, or jokes, the display of racially-offensive symbols, race-based excessive scrutiny, race-based monitoring, worse treatment based on race, or any other physical or verbal harassment, intimidation, or abuse based on your race. The harassment need not be explicitly racial. Any offensive conduct based on race is considered racial harassment. 

Racial harassment that is so severe or pervasive that it causes a hostile work environment or which results in a tangible employment action, such a being disciplined, suspended, demoted or fired, is illegal. It is important you notify your employer if you are dealing with racial harassment, but you also need to be careful that you are not punished or subjected to retaliation for reporting racial harassment. So, it is important that you talk to a qualified employment discrimination attorney.

If you are dealing with any type of racial harassment at your job, please call us right away. We will evaluate your case, discuss your evidence, and if we are able to help you, we will. 

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